Our Coffee

How We Brewed Up A Plan For Acid-Free Coffee

Fragrant, warm, and admittedly addictive, coffee is the world’s most popular drink – with over 400 MILLION cups consumed every day in the USA. But most coffee is, sadly, detrimental to your health. The high turnover rate for coffee means that it’s grown for profit, not quality. Chemicals, pesticides, and GMO techniques pollute the waters, creating coffee beans that are highly acidic.

The acid in coffee might give it a tarter, brighter taste, but it can also lead to a host of health problems, including tooth decay, heartburn, and acid reflux. That’s why, at Magni, we use only organic coffee that’s been grown purposefully. Now, you can enjoy a specialty-grade coffee that’s cleaner, healthier, smoother and, above all, low-acid.

Freshly Roasted For Full Flavor

Coffee is at its absolute best – in terms of flavor and full roundedness – a few weeks after its been roasted. If you’ve bought coffee off a grocery-store shelf, how long ago do you think it already started to go stale?

That’s why we roast our coffee directly before packaging and shipping it out to our customers. If you’re a fresh-roasted coffee virgin, you’ll have your eyes opened by your first cup of Magni coffee…and if you’re a veteran, you’ll know you’ve struck gold.

We know we’re mixing metaphors, but Magni coffee is that worth it. Treat yourself to the full sensory experience the moment your parcel arrives: Savor the aroma the moment your box pops open, and then brew the perfect cup with the scent hanging in the air around you. Finally, you’ll take your first, highly anticipated sip, and breathe a sigh of satisfaction. Just the way nature intended.

Coffee that’s handled with care and made for you to enjoy every sip: That’s Magni Coffee!

Organic, Low-Acid Coffee Beans and Nothing Else

If you think your commercially produced coffee beans are just coffee beans, you’ll be shocked to learn how many chemicals are used to increase yield or keep pests away from the crop on large, conventional farms. From artificial sun resistance for a plant that prefers shade, to pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides – you name it, they’ve changed it.

At Magni, we know that the best coffee is grown at high altitudes, in the shade, in small batches. Although it’s much more challenging to harvest, we know it’s worth it. We provide only certified USDA organic, non-GMO coffee beans that are proudly fair trade and affordable – making those stale coffee beans in your cupboard redundant…go on, chuck them!

Once you make the switch to chemical-free organic coffee, you can’t ever go back!

The Surety Of Single Origin

We like to know exactly where our coffee comes from. That’s why we’ve traveled to personally select the most exceptional quality coffee beans from small Latin American farms. All our beans are single origin and boast a considerably higher quality when roasted.

Single origin coffee is so famous because it gives you the opportunity to taste the unique and complex characteristics of its region. In other words, our coffee tells its own story. Are you ready to listen?

Supporting Small Farmers and Small Batches

We believe in fair trade, which is why we source our coffee directly from small farmers, improving not only your coffee-drinking experience, but also the livelihoods of the people who make it all possible. Magni coffee is built on a foundation of environmental sustainability and the support of small farmers who take pride in their crops. Smaller batches of high-quality coffee are better for your health, and they taste much better to boot!